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There goes our hard earned tax-dollars to stimulate/sink the economy.

As news-master Drudge has reported, tucked away in this 600+ page bureaucratic mess is $335,000,000  going to STD prevention, among other ridiculous pork-shit spending that won’t amount to job 1. These include:

  • A golden bust of Barney Frank’s prolapsed anus. $350,000
  • Kool-aid fountains on every Harlem street corner. $289,000,000,000
  • A plaque for Nancy Pelosi’s fireplace that states, “Jews inquire within.” $7500
  • Repaint White-house interior purple. $200,000
  • “Global Warming” $600,000,000,000
  • Gay “awareness” re-education camps for California $400,000,000
  • Closing down churches and opening clitoris piercing shops in their place. $30,000,000,000
  • Fresh SS Uniforms for the house democrats $750,000
  • 100 Trillion “Free Mumia” t-shirts. $4500
  • “Islam is religion of peace, just trust us you filthy infidel!”, educational pamphlets sent to every American household. $703,000
  • Relabeling all major freeways and interstates as “Bike lanes” $140,000,000,000

This bill just hit the Senate, so now expect some really weird shit to get tacked on!


Happy Birthday Barack Obama!

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Who thought just eight years after muslim boy-fuckers took out the World Trade Center that America would actually elect someone named Barack Hussein Obama to the presidency? A true testament to why we shouldn’t let retarded mother-fuckers vote.

Anyway, since I’m one of the few who still has a shred of respect for the office of the president, I congratulate Mr. Barack Obama on his easy win! Congrats you beautiful mulatto!

The Obama Monkey


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You’ll be the coolest mother fucking kid on the block if you pledge your undying service to… no, not your country, you know, the one that brought you the freedom and wealth you currently enjoy, no, instead to something far more deserving, Barack Hussein Obama! It’s SOOOO fucking trendy right now. Just like believing in global warming…

With the exception of Jason Bateman’s deuce comment, I’m sorry to have filled your lives with five minutes of freaks, dykes, ghouls, and retards, but it is important for us all to recognize the funny, scary, and dangerous stupidity that still poisons our world.

In case you weren’t able to make it through, (and I don’t blame you) skip ahead to 3:53 where you can see Ashton Cootcher and Demi Moore swear their idiotic and undying servitude to Barack Obama. Jonestown must have looked something like this before they all drank the kool-aid, and we can only hope that one day we’ll find Hollywood filled with the bloating corpses of these Hollywood elite.

In other news, tomorrow is inaguration day!

Happy Obama New Year to us all!

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thegayObama has been elected Chairman of the United States, which was a major loss for anyone that enjoyed things like: making an decent living and liberty. It was a loss yes, but for us in California, it was a win, in a wierd sort of surprising way.

You see, there was a ballot proposition (8 to be exact) which states: “If you have a dick in your pants, you can marry someone with a vagina in theirs. No exceptions.”

I agree with this ballot measure for several reasons (secular and non-secular), which I could go into at length, but I’d rather not bore the shit out of everyone reading this blog.

It’s been a funny several months, and alot of money has been spent on both sides of the issue. However, as usual, the most money has been spent by the elitist left. On the radio I think I’ve heard about one No on 8 ad about every 23 and a half seconds. The funny part about these extremely misleading messages is that they never once utter the words, ‘same-sex’, ‘gay’, ‘lesbian’, ‘transgendered’, ‘homosexual’. Well that’s strange, it’s as if they are trying to mislead people…

Here’s the most common commercial played throughout California. They must have been running this ad about 4 times a minute, because it sure as shit felt like it:

Here’s some less common ones, that I never saw air, but they are none the less fucking stupid. This one is your run of the mill “Mac vs. PC” style commercial “Hey guys, look, we’re hip, so vote for us, or you’re a fat evil republican that wants to rape women!”

And then there’s this one…

Wait, did they just say, “vote for love”?

The lies being spread by the deviant community probably one of the most disturbing part of all of this. (Well…other than trying to annihilate democracy…)

They claim to be the new black. The new woman. Groups that have had limited civil rights in the past, like 50-100 years ago. The problem with this comparison is that “black’ is a race, and “woman” is a gender. “Homosexual” is a kink, and they currently have EVERY right any other God loving American has.

“But Biseor” you say as you scratch at your now fully erect penis, “they don’t have the right to marry members of the same sex…”

And to that I say, “Neither do I, shit-coat!”

Please note that gays and lesbians have the right to marry someone of the opposite sex if they so choose to do so.  With that said, they have every right WE DO.

“But Bisser, shouldn’t they have the right to marry whomever they love??”

Yeah sure! I suppose I should be allowed to marry the bus stop down my street too, and have that legally recognized by the state. Fuck you! Anyone who says this isn’t a slippery slope probably refers their own ass a slippery slope! I’m looking at you Barney Frank. It won’t be long before the next freak group comes out wanting furries to be a legally recognized sentient race.

So wait, what happened in California? It is California after all, aren’t you progressive chuckleberries in to that bullshit?

California is an interesting state, and like the rest of America, most the people are as dumb as a fucking brick and really don’t know what the hell they are voting for 99% of the time. And that segways into my next topic….

Black people! How can one of the most leftist states in America vote in favor of 8? Massive turn out by black voters to vote for their homeboy “Obama”. Problem is, psst, come closer, I have a secret for you….


(Especially black males)
(because they are gay)

Yes, homosexuality is more stigmatized in the black community then pretty much anywhere else. I could get into that some more, but again, I’m trying not to bore the scrotum off of my readers.

So in conclusion, the gays are rioting, Mellisa (nicotine-throat) Etheridge is threatening not to pay her taxes, and I’m doubled over all the floor having a laughing fit.

Oh, and a special note to the No on 8 crowd: Instead of harassing and terrorizing the Mormons, Christians, and other peaceful individuals who funded 8, why don’t you try Compton or Oakland since they voted your ass down too? What, you’re too afraid to get your ass shot off? But come on! It’s for civil rights, right? 😉

If you’ve actually read this far and you’re interested in my views on gay marriage, then you can listen to this boring windbag explain it…


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And a special shout out to the McCain/Palin campaign for running the most sterile and ineffective cluster-fuck of a campaign since Dole in 96!

Here we go…

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It’s time to cast your vote for either the dying old man & stupid bitch, or the marxist raghead & botox supreme.

My vote goes to: go fuck yourself

Why? Because it’s choosing between democracy dying a slow agonizing death along with making a retarded paralytic chimp out of the conservative movement, or just dragging democracy and freedom out back and shooting it in the back of the skull, as will happen with Badack Badonka and Joe Corpse-Face.

I can’t make that decision, because I don’t want America to die…

That being said, if there truly are that many shit-for-brains human fuck-stains that would throw this great nation down the toilet for a radical muslim-born leftist, not eight years after 9-11, then maybe it is time America dies.


At least we’d find out who has the most guns. 😉